Air travel and transportation of patients

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The present edition, which is updated and extended compared with previous editions, is composed and published in collaboration with

Danish Aeronautical Medical Association and

SOS International

This web site caters to physicians who advise patients prior to air travel, both in hospitals and in general practice, and for physicians who work with the actual planning and execution of the air transportation of patients.

Specifically, this edition concentrates on those diseases and conditions that may give rise to problems during air travel. Emphasis is put on the requirements that apply to travel and the transportation of patients by commercial flights. Furthermore, cases where transportation by air ambulance is recommended are described.

This edition reflects the requirements that are applied by most European airlines, and they will rarely differ from the practice of other airlines. However, the reader should note that there may be some differences in various requirements of the airlines regarding approval of patient travel or transportation.

Since its start in 2014 this web-book has continuously been updated. This will be continued, when significant changes in aeromedical transport occur.

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Mads Klokker          Uffe Taudorf

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